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Welcome to Birth 2 Enjoy Prenatal Classes!

Prenatal Education that Puts You in Control           

  • “The birth was a true natural Bradley Method birth and went great. Thank you again so much for your life changing knowledge and willingness to help family’s have babies the better way.  Giving birth this way was one of the greatest experiences that has ever happened to me. “ Amy

Pregnancy can be one of life’s most exciting and inspiring times. It can also cause fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. And though it’s very normal to feel that way, we know that you, your partner, and your family might have questions…

Lots of questions. In fact, if you have a question that can’t wait for class, use our Contact Form now.

Our small class sizes and extensive in-class training ensure that you have the personal attention you deserve at competitive prices. Your experienced and caring instructor, Anna Bushmina, will create a safe space to explore the emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy and childbirth.

Anna says, “We will help you to dismiss fears around childbirth. You will gain confidence in your own body and your partner, who can learn different ways to support you through labour and play an active role in the birth of your baby. We will give you the tools you need to be more comfortable and avoid unnecessary pain during labour.”

Three Months of Training Prepares Your Mind and Body

Childbirth is hard work, like running a marathon. Our 12-week program ensures that you are both mentally and physically prepared for the big day. We teach you the exercises you need to control anxiety and stress as well as physical exercises so that you and your baby come through childbirth healthy and happy.

Small Classes at Affordable Prices

If you’re like most expecting parents, you’re looking for answers. We limit our group classes to 8 couples, which means you won’t be just another face in the crowd.

You’ll get plenty of individualized attention and we won’t be satisfied until all of your questions are answered.

Conveniently Located in Central York Region

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, we have clients from Toronto to Barrie and all over York Region. Our classes are held in Aurora, Ontario at a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility.

Partner Coaching

As an expecting mother, it is important that you have a well-trained Coach to help you through your prenatal and childbirth experience. During our 12-week program your partner will be given lots of “tools” to keep you calm, relaxed and focused during childbirth. We’ll answer all of his/her questions too.

Get Your Questions Answered and Get In Control – Register Now

Change fear and uncertainty into confidence and joy – give your baby the best possible chances. Give yourself and your partner chance to be in control how to welcome your baby into this world.

Childbirth is not an emergency or a disease, it is the most authentic, and awe inspiring act which women are designed to perform – to give life to a new human being.

To sign up for your childbirth classes, visit our Registration Page.

You’ll save 10% off the regular price by registering online.

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